DQ1: Transactional leadership expands on individuals keeping tight guidelin

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Transactional leadership expands on individuals keeping tight guidelines and procedures as they perform responsibilities, while transformational leadership expands on change, development, and imagination. The difference is Transformational leadership expands on consideration and cooperation in resolutions and making decisions (Wesson, 2020). In my line of work, I fall into transactional leadership at the moment due to the line of work I perform. I have strict rules to follow according to the Federal Acquisition Regulations which in a nutshell is the law book on how to procure goods and services.
The journal I found reviews the way transformational leadership becoming more successful when leaderships act as the change unit by influencing organizational culture which in turn mediate the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational knowledge (Ghasabeh & Provitera, 2017). Some traits of transformational leadership include leaders whom engage in fully with others, they inspire shared visions of the organization, and encourage others.

When I look back at the different jobs I’ve had to include my first job making pizzas at my best friend’s dad’s local pizza joint, to all those leaders in between to my current leaders the word motivation comes to mind. The push to be a team, one of which you fail pick yourself up and learn the lesson is so imperative to not take the lesson personally but to build off of. Despite making a “mistake” the real lesson comes with the idea of constructive criticism meaning, being inspired by a leader who is allowing you to grow, to learn in an honest way. Much like Simon articulates, our emotional brain can take control of our reactions be it rational or not.
Society is quick to place materialism to the masses which distorts reality. The golden circle provides an understanding of how everything is as simple and complicated as understanding our individual purpose. Our expected behaviors can outshine the “why”, the purpose of challenging oneself to think differently. The why is the passion behind a business an invention an idea or to inspire (Sanjeev Arora, 2022).
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